Student Examinations Timetables

Please check the timetable links to the right of this page for details of upcoming examinations.

The Autumn Semester Final Timetable is now live.

If you have support adjustments recommended for your examinations, check your University email regularly for updates.  You will receive your personalised timetable following publication of the Final Timetable.

Also note examinations taking place outside of the main assessment periods.

Please check the dates, times and locations of your exams with care.  If you have any questions about the content of individual examinations or your personal timetable, contact the academic department responsible for setting the exam.  

It is rare for examinations to be cancelled.  Check the University's Snow Page for updates, during wintry weather.

Watch "Your Exam - Do's and Don'ts" for hints and tips on how to prepare for your examinations.

Read the 'General Notes on Invigilated Examinations' and the 'University Examination Regulations' governing this area, for a more detailed description of examination procedures.