Examination Venues

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Brook Hill Hall

Brook Hill Hall is opposite the Dainton Building on Brook Hill. Number 125 on the University Location Map.

Diamond (computer rooms)

The Diamond is on Leaveygreave Road. Number 199 on the University Location Map.

Elmfield Building

Northumberland Road, Sheffield, S10 2TU. Number 31 on the University Location Map

Firth Hall

Firth Court, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TN. Number 105 on the University Location Map.

Goodwin Sports Hall

The Goodwin Sports Centre is located on Northumberland Road. Number 30 on the University Location Map.

Mappin Hall (not currently in use)

Mappin Hall is in the Sir Frederick Mappin Building on Mappin Street. Number 170 on the University Location Map.

38 Mappin Street

38 Mappin Street is near the West Street end of Mappin Street. Number 175 on the University Location Map.

North Campus

The North campus is on Broad Lane, Sheffield S3 7HQ. Number 189-193 on the University Location Map. Exams are held in the Computer Room in the Modular Village.

Octagon Centre

The Octagon Centre is on the main campus. Number 118 on the University Location Map.

Pam Liversidge Building

The Pam Liversidge Building is situated on the corner of Broad Lane and Newcastle Street. 

Philadelphia Campus

From the University tram stop travel towards Malin Bridge or Middlewood. Disembark at the Infirmary Road stop and cross the road. Philadelphia Campus is located down the side street towards Penistone Road.  There are two exam halls, Philadephia Conference Centre (PC1) and Philadelphia Teaching Centre (PC2).  Follow the signs on arrival.

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Venues

The Sheffield Wednesday Football Club site is located in Hillsborough and can be reached easily by tram (Leppings Lane) from the University stop.

Broad Lane Building (Room F110)

 Access to Room F110 is via Level A of the Pam Liversidge Building. Take the lift to Floor F and follow the signs to the room.

Union Central

Uni Central is on Level 4 of the Students' Union Building. For examinations, please use the main Students Union' entrance, number 119 on the University Location Map.