Tuition Fee Questions

Please see our dedicated Tuition Fee webages for detailed information about your tution fees. Here you can select whether you are a New or Continuing student and this will direct you to information unique to yourself.

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How do I pay my tuition fee?

You can pay your fee as part of your Pre-Registration Task if you are new student.

To do this, log into your Pre-Registration account, and select the Option which says: 'Update Personal Details (including Financial information)'. Once you have completed the Financial Declaration this will then create the "Arrange Fee Payment" Task. Here you can pay your fee online.

If you are continuing student you will be able to do this as part of your Online Registration Task in Muse.

What should I do if I am having difficulty paying my fees ?

If you are experiencing any problems with paying your fees, it is important that you keep the University informed. If a payment is likely to be delayed from the date originally agreed, you should contact Student Administration Service to discuss the situation.

What should I do if I am having trouble keeping to the standard fee payment instalment plan?

If you are unable to keep to the standard University fee payment instalments you can request an individual arrangement. For further information please see the Personal Payments Scheme Guidance notes.

How much tuition do I still owe?

If you need to check how much you still owe for your Tuition fees please contact the Income Office. Either in person at Level 6, Students' Union Building or by calling 0114 222 4868 or emailing

How much are re-examination fees?

You can find information about re-examination fees on the Reassessment, External Registration & Pass Conceded Applications pages.

Can I pay my Tuition Fee instalment late?

If you know you will not be able to make payment of a Tuition instalment on time you must contact Student Administration Service and the Income Office to let them know.

Is there a fee for late payment of Tuition Fee instalment?

There is no fee incurred for late payment of Tuition but if you do not agree the revised payment plan with Student Administration Service your status as a fully registered student may be reviewed.

Can I pay my Tuition Fees in Euros?

The University does have a Euro bank account so you can use this to make payment in Euros.

However, all our fees are in Sterling and there is not a fixed exchange rate. You must ask your bank to calculate the correct amount of Euros to send so that we receive the right amount when it is converted to Sterling. If there is a shortfall you will need to make an additional payment.

I will be receiving a postgraduate loan, how will I pay for my tuition fees using this loan?

The postgraduate loan is paid directly to the student from Student Finance England so you will be classed as a self-sponsored student for fee related purposes. You will have the option to set up a three instalment payment plan which will coincide with the loan payment dates. This can be done online in pre-registration / online registration.

I haven’t received my maintenance loan, what should I do?

We will need to ensure you are registered; we can still confirm your attendance to SLC if you are temporarily registered. When you have completed your registration, we need to check if we have confirmed to SLC that you are attending. Please speak to a member of the Fees Team for us to check this.
A maintenance loan will usually be paid to the student 3-5 working days after the University confirms their registration to Student Finance and only after the course start date.

When I applied for my Student Finance loans I listed a different university. How do I change it to Sheffield?

You can change this up until [mid-September / course start] by logging into your online SFE account and changing your application, or by phoning Student Finance England.

After [mid-September / course start] the University will need to ask SFE to change it and you will need to request that we do so. Please email Student Administration Service with the subject ‘Student Finance Transfer In’ and include your registration number/ applicant number and Student Support Number. (The Student Support Number is issued by Student Finance. It is a 13-digit number starting with four letters, e.g. SFDU17123456X. This should be on any letters issued by SFE or you will need to contact SFE to request it.)

Am I eligible for Student Finance funding?

The University would not advise whether a student is eligible, you would need to contact Student Finance directly for confirmation.

When can I apply for loans from Student Finance?

Applications to Student Finance open around February for the forthcoming academic year. Students should ensure that they submit their application well before the academic year starts to allow time for SFE to process it.

Student Finance England told me they can’t process my application until the University provides further information or confirmation of something. Who do I contact?

This may be something to do with a change of fee or course, Student Finance need to be aware of this. Please try to get specific detail about what SFE are requesting, so that we can try to include all the required information.

The Student Advice Centre based in the students union can provide assistance with applications to student finance and offer advice on how to fund tuition fees.

I'm externally registered, am I eligible for a maintenance loan?

As external students are not in attendance they are not eligible for a maintenance loan.

How do I contact Student Finance?

For more information click here

I am planning on taking a Leave of Absence, I receive a maintenance loan and tuition from SFE, what action should I take?

It is important to keep your funding body informed if you’re taking leave from your studies. When a student fills out a Change of Status form the Student Administration Service will inform SFE of this. If you would like more information regarding how this will affect their funding and what you will be eligible for, please contact Student Finance.

I am taking Leave of Absence and I am self funded, will I get a refund?

Please refer to the refund policy which can be found here.

A student would not be refunded if the period of leave ends in the same academic year as which the Leave of Absence started.

I am thinking about withdrawing from the University, will I be entitled to a refund?

Your withdrawal may impact on their fees, depending on when you are withdrawing, please see the refund policy for more information

Will my refund be made to the same account from which I paid by?

If you have paid by a Debit Card, Credit Card or Bank Transfer the refund will be sent back to the same account. If you paid by Cheque you will be contacted to collect a cheque from the Income Office.

My Sponsor needs a document from the University stating how much my tuition fees are, where can I get this?

You can request a certificate of student status from either the Student Services information Desk (SSiD) or online. This will give the sponsor the correct amount of the tuition fee per year.

I am a sponsored student? What information do I need to provide?

Please see this link for information

My sponsor needs an invoice from the University, where can I get this?

If you have already provided a sponsor letter/financial guarantee the invoice will be sent from the Income Office and directly to your sponsor. If you would like a copy of the invoice for your records, then please email the Income Office.

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