How to Pay

If you are a new student you can arrange payment of your tuition fee (in full or in instalments) in advance of your arrival, or when you register. Please read the essential information on our Tuition Fees webpages.

Default on payment

If you know that you will have difficulty in meeting a payment please contact Student Administation Service well in advance of the payment date in order to discuss a possible alternative arrangement.

It is your responsibility to make contact. If a payment does not reach the University as required and you have not made contact in advance:

  • Your registration will be subject to immediate review and could be cancelled.
  • Your computer facilities could be cancelled.
  • Your registration will only be renewed once you have paid all of your fee or have made a satisfactory arrangement to pay your fee.

Please be advised that the University reserves the right to insist that payment is made in full at the start of each year of study. It is therefore in your interests to honour all payments if you wish to continue to pay in instalments in future years.