Part-time funding for undergraduate students


Fees for part-time students who started in 2017 or will start in 2018 are £4,625 per year.  

Fees for part-time students at the University of Sheffield in 2016-17 cost £4,500 per year.

The University will review tuition fees each year. It is possible that fees will increase each year of study in line with inflation as specified by parliament.

The fees to be charged by the University will be updated on the University website and if there is any inconsistency between a print publication (such as the prospectus) and the website, the website should be taken as correct.

Support from Student Finance

Tuition fee loans

All eligible part-time students who start their course after 2012 can take out a student loan each year to cover the full cost of their tuition fees. To be eligible you must be studying at university level for the first time at an intensity of 25% or more. There are no age restrictions on tuition fee loans.

You can apply for a tuition fee loan and check the full eligibility criteria on the government website. Applications usually open in the spring before you start your course.

Maintenance loans

Maintenance loans will be available to students starting their course from September 2018. The amount of loan available will be determined by your household income and intensity of study.

Further information, confirmed figures and eligibility criteria will be available soon. It is expected that the eligibility criteria will be similar to that for full-time maintenance loans.


Tuition fee loans and maintenance loans (where applicable) are repaid as one loan. You won't make any repayments on this loan until the April four years after you have started your course and you are earning over £25,000 per year.

When you meet both of these criteria your repayments will be calculated as 9% of any earnings over £25,000. For example, if you earn £30,000 you will repay 9% of the £5,000 you earn above the £25,000 threshold (£450 per year or £37.50 per month). Further details on repayments can be found on the government website.

Please note that The University of Sheffield is not an approved Advanced Learner Loans provider (formally known as 24+ Advanced Learning Loans)

Support from the University

The University of Sheffield offers awards to part-time students depending on their household income and the year they started their course, these do not have to be repaid.


As a part-time student you will be eligible to claim some income related benefits. Our Student Advice Centre (0114 222 8660) can guide you on your eligibility for certain benefits.