Questions about Bursaries

Do I have to apply for a bursary?

No, as long as you have applied for means tested financial support from Student Finance England (or equivalent awarding body) and have given consent to them to share your information with us, we will automatically assess you for a bursary.

Do I have to pay a bursary back?

No, a bursary is a non-repayable grant.

What happens to the bursary if I withdraw from the university?

If you withdraw from your course or take a leave of absence you may have to repay a percentage of your bursary that you received in that academic year.

What happens to the bursary if my circumstances change?

If your household income is reassessed at a lower value by Student Finance England, we will increase your next bursary instalment.

If your household income is reassessed at a higher rate you will not be asked to repay your bursary, but you will not receive any future instalments.

When will I hear about my bursary?

We will email you at the end of October to let you know if you're eligible for a bursary. If you are eligible, the email will confirm the amount.

Will a delay in my Student Finance assessment effect when I hear about my bursary?

If you experience a delay in your Student Finance assessment, your bursary calculation may also be delayed. If you are reassessed later in the year by Student Finance, we will notify you by email of any changes to your bursary eligibility.

If I only want a University Bursary, why do I have to be assessed by Student Finance England?

The bursary assessment uses some of the information collected by Student Finance England. Household Income information is automatically sent to the University where an automatic calculation provides details of the amount of bursary you are entitled to, this means that funds will be available to you at the start of the academic year. If you do not apply to your Student Finance England for assessment, the University cannot assess you for a bursary.

How is my bursary paid?

Your bursary will be paid directly into your bank account by BACS in two instalments, one at the end of October and the other at the end of February. If your bursary is less than £400 you will receive just one payment at the start of the academic year.

How do I provide my bank details to receive my bursary?

If you are registered and have received your bursary confirmation letter you can provide us with your bank details. Please Log into Muse with your user ID and password (using Internet Explorer), go to "My Services" then select "View all services" and go to B and choose " Bank Details" to securely enter your bank details. If you have a building society account, or have questions on providing your details, please contact our payments office.

I am a mature student with non standard qualifications, what can the University offer me by way of funding?

Assuming Student Finance England will assess you as an independent student and only include your income into the assessment for your maintenance loan, if this is the case you are encouraged to apply for additional financial support from our hardship funds once you register on your course.

Does the bursary assessment take into account whether or not households are financially responsible for more than one child at University?

No, demands on your household income are taken into account via your Student Finance England assessment.

I have received a different bursary amount this year than I did in the previous year, why is this?

You are reassessed each year for your bursary based on the information you provide to the Student Finance England (or equivalent awarding body). If your household income changes, this will effect your bursary entitlement.

What should I do if my bursary calculation is incorrect?

If you are in doubt about your bursary assessment then please contact Financial Support team on 0114 222 1319 or and we will explain how your award has been calculated.

What happens to my bursary on my year abroad?

Students on a year abroad, who started their studies from 2011 onwards, are eligible to receive their bursary.

I am repeating a year of study, am I still eligible for the bursary scheme?

Bursaries depend on your progression from one year to the next. If you need to repeat a year, it is unlikely an award will be made. However, we will consider exceptional circumstances on an individual basis.

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