Questions about Undergraduate Funding from Government (including Student Loans)

What are the deadlines/key dates for applying to student finance?

You can make an application from February for the academic year starting the following September. You can apply up to 9 months after you start your course. Ideally, return your assessment forms by the end of May in order for Student Finance England to process your assessment and therefore make available your first instalment of loan and grant in Intro Week. If you didn't apply before this deadline you may find that some of your funding will be delayed.

How do I contact Student Finance England?

Telephone their freephone number 0300 100 0607 or try their website:

Do I have to apply for the whole loan at once?

No, the Student Finance England assessment letter will show the amount of loan the student is entitled to and it is up to the student how much of that amount they request.

What about independent students (i.e. living away from home)?

No, however, if they don't the University will not be able to assess the student for a bursary until after the start of the academic session.

What is a Payment Schedule Letter and what do I need it for?

Before the start of term, a Student Finance Entitlement Letter will be sent to you. This outlines how much support you will be paid and on what date. In most cases, your support will be paid directly into your bank account.

What do I need to do with the Payment Schedule Letter?

You must take your payment schedule letter with you to University Registration. The University requires this letter to confirm your attendance before you can receive payment of your loan.

Is there still a grant (rather than loan) available for low-income families?

No, it was announced in the Budget in July 2015 that there would no longer be maintenance grants available to students who started university in September 2016 or later.

What is a 'dependent student'?

You are considered a 'dependent student' for the purposes of student finance if you are under 25, are not married or in a civil partnership, have no dependant children, and have not supported yourself financially for at least three years before the start of the academic year.

How does being a dependent affect my assessment?

If you are a dependent student the income of your parents will be assessed, unless you choose to only apply for support that is not assessed on your parents' income (non-income assessed support).

Where can I find more information on repaying my student loan?

The Repayment section of the Student Finance England website provides information on repaying student loans.

When does the interest on my student loan start?

Interest will accrue on the amount you have borrowed from the date you receive your first loan instalment, or when the payment is made to the University on your behalf.

If you have been identified as a PAYE or Self-Assessment repayer, interest accrual will be suspended from the start of the tax year until the end-of-year repayment details are received from HM Revenue and Customs (or HMRC - formerly the Inland Revenue). Interest for the previous year will then be calculated and applied to your account retrospectively upon receipt of your payment details.

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