Online Module Add/Drop

The Online System for Module Add/Drop

The system can be accessed via MUSE. Log in as normal and go to the My Services tab / View all services for the link to the online system (under M - Module Add/Drop). Follow the simple instructions on screen. Please note that this is available to all full and part time undergraduate and postgraduate taught students. Distance learning students and Part Time students registered with the Department of Lifelong Learning will need to use the paper form:

Add/Drop Form 20/21

Add/Drop Form (Late Requests)

Further guidance can be found below.

Full & Part Time Students

Spring Semester Add/Drop opens on Monday 1 February at 8am and will run until Friday 19 February at 5pm.

If you're a full time student student (including full time postgraduate taught and ERASMUS/Study Abroad students) or part time student, please request to add/drop modules using the Online Add/Drop system via your MUSE account (available via 'View All Services').

Once you've entered and submitted your request, your department will check and approve or decline your choices. You will receive an automated email confirming when your record has been updated.

If there are any problems with your choices, you will receive an email from your department advising you what action to take.

If you submit a request after this time you will need to complete the paper form and receive special approval from your department.

Distance Learning and Part Time DLL Students

If you're a distance learning student or part time student registered with the Department of Lifelong Learning, please use the paper Add/Drop form available to download from the website.

Please read the instructions on the form carefully and ensure that all fields are completed and changes are approved and signed off by the relevant department.


Please direct enquiries to the Student Administration Service Helpdesk on 0114 222 1288, or email