Short-term Absence, Self-Certification and Extenuating Circumstances

Where you are absent from the University for a relatively short period of time or if you believe that your circumstances have affected your examinations or assessment, you should complete either the Student Self-Certification Form or the Extenuating Circumstances Form. Completed forms should be returned to the appropriate member of departmental staff and in accordance with departmental procedures.

Please note that these forms have replaced the Special Circumstances Form.

Student Self-Certification Form

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  • to be used for self-certifying medical or personal absences of less than 7 calendar days.
  • to be used in line with specific academic departmental procedures for reporting absence. You are advised to consult the individual academic department if you are unsure of the specific departmental requirements.

Extenuating Circumstances Form

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To be used for reporting medical and personal absences if one or more of the following applies:

  • absences of more than 7 calendar days.
  • absences that have affected examinations or assessments.
  • absences that have resulted in the late or non-submission of coursework (after an absence of more than 7 calendar days).

You must read the Extenuating Circumstances Form: Explanatory Notes before submitting the Extenuating Circumstances Form. This provides further information on what constitutes extenuating circumstances and guidance on when it is appropriate to submit supporting evidence.

If any absence is likely to be prolonged, e.g. your illness/medical condition may last for several weeks or months, you are strongly advised to apply for an official Leave of Absence.

If you are planning to take time off from your studies in the future, e.g. there are other personal circumstances which will necessitate a prolonged period of absence or you want to take an extended period of time out to undertake a non-compulsory work placement, you will need to apply for an official Leave of Absence.

Applying for a Leave of Absence