Local History Walks

Knowing more about how the city has developed helps you to settle into your new home

Questions? Contact Tim Cooper: T.N.Cooper@sheffield.ac.uk

Every Wednesday, 16.00-17.00, starting from the campus or city centre

Local History Walk

A sense of belonging

Sheffield is going to be your second home for months, or years, to come. Join us each week for an opportunity to explore more of the city and campus area, learn the fascinating stories behind the buildings and landscape, and make new friends along the way! The walks are led by Dr Tim Cooper, International Student Support Officer and a former teacher of History and Archaeology at the University.

Local History Walk

Upcoming walks

First walk on 4th October is "Origins of the University: Firth College, the Medical School and Leopold Square" Click on the buttons below to register your place on forthcoming walks.

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