Understanding the UK

Get together with fellow-students and members of the University's International Student Support team to explore the roots of culture and how this understanding can enhance your experience living and working away from home.

Date and Times:

Tuesday 16th February 12.00-13.00                      Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)
Thursday 18th February 12.00-13.00 First Impressions
Tuesday 23rd February 12.00-13.00                 What is Culture?
Thursday 25th February 12.00-13.00 Identity: How Do We Define Ourselves?
Tuesday 2nd March 12.00-13.00                        Understanding Culture Shock
Thursday 4th March 12.00-13.00 Time
Tuesday 9th March 12.00-13.00                         Individualism v Collectivism
Thursday 11th March 12.00-13.00 Personal & Social Space
Tuesday 16th March 12.00-13.00                            Informing Ourselves
Thursday 18th March 12.00-13.00 Making Introductions