Examples of resolutions

We have helped many students in a range of situations find a resolution to issues that they were dominating their experience and making their time at university miserable. Whilst the situations and the resolutions may vary the first step is to get in touch with us.

Housemate disputes

Emily was feeling isolated by the behaviour of some of her housemates. They would leave inappropriate messages taped to her door, hide her food and make her feel unwelcome in the communal areas of her house. She contacted us and asked us to help make the bullying stop. We discovered that there was one particular housemate, Rose, who was the ringleader. We got in touch with Rose who said Emily was always blaming her for things. Both parties agreed to take part in mediation. Through this process, Emily and Rose were able to identify sources of tension. Rose revealed that she herself feared exclusion from the group of housemates and agreed that she had been wrong to target Emily in an attempt at popularity. Emily acknowledged that she had always been cold towards Rose and that she was quick to blame her. Following the mediation the housemates were able to live civilly with each other for the rest of the year.

A stalking ex-partner

Pete had a relationship with Emma which ended badly. Pete didn’t want to have any further contact with Emma but she bombarded him with emails, texts and posts. Pete got in touch with us and said that whilst he didn’t want to get Emma into trouble he was finding it hard to cope with the constant communication. We talked through the options and he decided to send one message telling her to stop, confirming that he considered her behaviour to be harassment and if it continued he would report to The University and Police. He stopped reading her messages and blocked and barred the communication. Pete was able to focus on his studies.

Challenging relationship with supervisor

Wang Fang’s relationship with her supervisor was becoming increasingly tense. She felt the pressure being put on her was too much and the tone of the communication was hostile. Wang Fang got in touch with us for advice. We explored the options and decided that the first step was to encourage her to explain her concerns to her supervisor and the departments Director of Research, who was able to reinforced the importance of professionalism. The relationship improved but following further disagreements, Wang Fang, with the help of the Director of Research, was assigned an alternative supervisor and continued her research.

A course mate being abusive on-line

Kayla received a post on Facebook referring negatively to her appearance and sexuality. She told the poster that she was upset by this but received further unpleasant posts over the next few weeks. She took screenshots of the messages and contacted us. She told us she found the messages to be really offensive and wanted them to stop, particularly as they were from Ryan, another student on the same course. She also wanted Ryan to be made aware of the impact on her and not to do the same to other people. We were able to investigate the case and found the Ryan was guilty under the harassment procedures. Ryan received an undertaking of future behaviour, warning that any further misconduct would lead to more severe sanctions under the discipline regulations.