Tackling Harassment and Bullying

Advice and tips on how to deal with harassment and bullying.

Confront the perpetrator

  • Consult: talk with family or friends to get their opinion.
  • Clarify: make it clear to the person causing offence that their behaviour is unacceptable. 
  • Communicate: clear up misunderstandings quickly by communicating. Words and actions are often misinterpreted. 
  • Confirm: tell them to stop or you will take further action.

If you don't want to confront the perpetrator

  • Don’t react: whilst it is appropriate to ask people to stop, ensure you don’t get caught up in ongoing communication which may give the bully a platform to continue.
  • Don’t retaliate: don’t put yourself in a situation where counter accusations of unacceptable behaviour can be made against you.
  • Record: keep a note of the details and dates of any relevant incidents.
  • Report: you can report an incident and get support from the University.

Dealing with cyber bullying

  • Confront: make clear to the harasser/bully that their behaviour is unacceptable and you wish for it to stop.
  • Block: many online resources enable you to block individuals.
  • Record: keep copies of any relevant incidents whilst the harassment/bullying is ongoing as this can be used as evidence if the University or police decide to investigate.
  • Report: report the abuse to the site owner so they can take action.
  • Prevent: make sure your contact details are not available to people you don’t know.

Please visit the page below for further information on harassment and bullying.