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Green Impact is an environmental accreditation scheme that runs in Universities and Colleges throughout the UK. The University of Sheffield has participated since 2009/2010 and it is part of the University's behaviour change strategy to reduce carbon emissions, committing to a 43% reduction by 2020.

The UHS Green Impact team works to encourage colleagues and patients to consider their impact on the environment and to make changes to both how they work and their lifestyle at home to increase sustainability. The team, which is mainly made up of members from the UHS Data Quality Team, are:

  • Ben Hallsworth (UHS Green Impact Champion)
  • Jonathan Millward
  • Sarah Ryder
  • Ciara Woodcock
  • Tom Childs (UHS Green Impact Project Assistant)

If you have any suggestions or would like to help out with Green Impact please email

UHS GI Awards

Here are some tips on simple things you can do both whilst at UHS and at home to help reduce your environmental impact:

  • Switch off lamps, computers and other electrical equipment after use;
  • Switch off lights when leaving a room;
  • Use stairs instead of lifts where possible;
  • Keep windows and doors closed when air conditioning or heating is on;
  • Make use of daylight before resorting to switching lights on.
  • Batteries and stamps can be handed in at our Reception Desk for recycling;
  • Any unwanted books, CD's, DVD's and games can also be handed in for our Re-Use scheme;
  • We will soon be installing paper and mixed recycling in our waiting area - until then you can hand anything to be recycled to Reception;

Alternate methods of getting to UHS can help save both the environment, your health and your bank balance:

  • Use the Ecosia search engine instead of more common ones like Google or Bing - Ecosia use their advertising revenue to plant trees;
  • Buy and use a reusable cup when purchasing hot drinks - all University cafes now offer a 20p discount for using a reusable cup, as do many of the high street coffee shops;
  • Use a refillable water bottle for water from a fountain/dispenser;