Diabetes Clinic

University Health Service provides care to patients with both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. 

Diabetic clinics give you the chance to check that you're well and give you highly specialised advice on how to look after your diabetes. If you have diabetes you are encouraged to attend for regular check-ups and advice.

What types of care do you offer?

We provide regular diabetes appointments (including medication checks, blood test, foot checks and annual reviews). These clinics are run with Dr Portlock. 

We also provide regular joint clinics with the specialist hospital diabetes teams, including consultant review and psychological support. 

How do I book a diabetes appointment?

You can book online or by phone. 

I would prefer to keep my diabetes care with a hospital or GP in my home town. Should I register with UHS?

We encourage all patients with diabetes register with UHS. This is because diabetes can often be unpredictable during your time at university and having care close to where you are situated means you can gain medical care in a more timely fashion. It also means that the UHS team will have your records. 

What should I do if my diabetes gets worse or I'm unwell?

If you are concerned about your diabetes, please book to see Dr Portlock or speak with your diabetes specialist nurse. If you are unwell with your diabetes then you can see any GP on the day. 

All people with diabetes should be aware of the Sick Day Rules - this is a set of instructions on how to modify your insulin dosing when you are not well. The diabetes team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals have produced this short video on the sick day rules. 

What should I do if I experience a hypo (low blood sugar)?

This short video from the diabetes team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals is a useful guide on how to manage a hypo (low blood sugar).

I'm concerned I might have diabetes. What should I do?

The NHS Website provides some very helpful information on the signs and symptoms of diabetes. If you are concerned you have developed diabetes you should book to see a doctor or nurse practitioner as soon as possible, and bring a sample of urine to your appointment.

New online resource for people living with Type 1 diabetes

The NHS Diabetes Programme, Diabetes UK and NHS Digital have come together to develop new content available on the NHS Website to support those living with Type 1 diabetes: www.nhs.uk/conditions/type-1-diabetes