If you think you might be pregnant then you should take a pregnancy test. These can be bought from Pharmacies, supermarkets and even discount stores. 

You do not need an appointment with a doctor or nurse to confirm the pregnancy. We can only perform pregnancy tests where there is a medical concern.

Staying Healthy During a Pregnancy

There are a number of ways to stay as healthy as possible for yourself and your baby during pregnancy. In the UK it is recommended that you take:

  • Folic Acid 400micrograms for the first 12 weeks
    (Take 5mg if you have a history of epilepsy, diabetes, a history of neural tube defects in the family)
  • Vitamin D 10 micrograms throughout the pregnancy

You can buy pregnancy supplements from pharmacies and supermarkets. If you are on a low income you may be eligible for vouchers under the Healthy Start Scheme.

We strongly recommend that you don't smoke, don't drink alcohol and maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

To find out more about staying healthy in pregnancy visit the NHS Your Pregnancy and Baby Guide.

NHS Your Pregnancy and Baby Guide

Midwife Service

Midwives look after women during their pregnancy.

Once you find out you are pregnant you should book an appointment with the midwife at the reception desk or over the phone.

Your midwife will see you regularly during your pregnancy and arrange all the necessary tests and scans. If you have long term health conditions or complications during your pregnancy then your midwife will arrange a specialist (obstetrician) to be involved in your care.

Unwanted Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and do not wish to continue with the pregnancy or just aren't sure, then please make an appointment with the doctor to discuss your options. 

NHS Guide on Terminations