Request for Medical Evidence of Extenuating Circumstances

This form is a request for medical evidence of the following:

  1. Medical circumstances which have resulted in absence from their programme of study for MORE THAN 7 DAYS
  2. Significant medical circumstances which have had a significant impact upon an examination or assessment
  3. Significant worsening of a pre-existing medical condition which has significantly impacted upon examinations or assessments

You should read the university guidelines on extenuating circumstances before submitting this form.

Extenuating Circumstance Form: Explanatory Notes

There may be many things which happen to you during your programme of studies such as a minor illness, a sleepless night, a minor injury, financial worries etc. However, these will not normally be accepted as extenuating circumstances; doctors, counsellors etc will not normally provide evidence that these are extenuating circumstances.

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Collecting the Medical Statement

It is your responsibility to collect the medical statement from the reception desk, seven days after completing the online form. We cannot and do not send them to departments directly.