How can I access it?

Access Your Official HEAR

Your official HEAR can be accessed via a secure online system called Gradintelligence.

You will be issued with official 'snapshots' of your HEAR-so-far, to allow you to share achievements that have already been verified, as you begin to apply for internships, jobs, or further study. Your HEAR will be updated 3 times each year:

  • March (the week after the Autumn results release date)
  • Graduation week (mid-July, following Spring results release)
  • Week before Intro Week (mid-September, following resit results release)

As soon as a document has been issued/updated, a notification email will be sent to your University of Sheffield email address from

You will continue to have access to Gradintelligence after you have left the University. If you leave before you complete your course, you will still have access to your latest HEAR snapshot.

Preview your HEAR in MUSE

You can view a live preview of what's in your HEAR so far via MUSE:

  • Click on My services -> View all services -> HEAR
  • Extra-curricular activities will be added to your HEAR once you have completed the criteria for gaining HEAR recognition. HEAR criteria for each activity are published in our online database. Your activity organiser will update your HEAR, so talk to him/her to find out exactly when this will happen.
    HEAR Activities Database

Use the MUSE view of your HEAR to:

  • help you review your progress, and plan what you want to achieve by the end of your course, e.g. with your personal tutor or a Careers employability adviser;
  • decide which extra-curricular activities in Section 6.1 you would like to be published;
  • report any issues with your HEAR.

This will help you make the most of the academic and extra-curricular opportunities available to you at university.

Image showing Internal HEAR (available via MUSE)

Please note that the HEAR is only applicable to undergraduates who are studying for a defined qualification at the University of Sheffield.

If you are a visiting Study Abroad or Erasmus student you will be able to access your results online in the same way as all other undergraduate students, and will also, at the end of their studies, be issued with an electronic Transcript that provides you with official confirmation and evidence of your results.