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How can I add to my HEAR?

Be sure to make the most of your time at Sheffield, to ensure that your HEAR is as useful as possible in reflecting your strengths, skills and experience.

Academic/Course Information (Section 4)

  • Your course information, modules and examination grades will be added automatically. Exam results are published at the end of each examination period, once final marks are confirmed by Exam Boards.
    Exam Results Publication

  • You can choose to supplement and apply your academic learning, e.g. taking a placement year, or participating in the University's Study Abroad Programme.
    Placement Years Study Abroad Programme

Extra-Curricular Information (Section 6.1)

  • You can get recognition for your extra-curricular university achievements. Find out what we can verify in our online database:

    HEAR Activities Database
  • Extra-curricular activities and awards are added to your HEAR by University/Students' Union staff once you have completed the criteria for gaining HEAR recognition. These are published in the HEAR Activities Database.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about extra-curricular verification, you should speak to your activity organiser.