Where can I get help?

For general queries:

  • Check the FAQs section of the website.
  • If you can't find an answer in the FAQs, email hear@sheffield.ac.uk or

To find out what extra-curricular activities and awards can be included in the HEAR:

To find out more about how to get recognition for a specific extra-curricular activity:

  • Look up your activity in the online database of verifiable activities (see above) to find out what criteria you need to meet.
  • Talk to the person who organises your activity to find out specific dates and deadlines for tasks and events, and for more guidance about what is expected of you.
  • For information and updates about Students’ Union activities, visit the SU HEAR website or email the SU People Development (HEAR) Coordinator (Sophie Leesley - s.leesley@sheffield.ac.uk)

If you have any questions or concerns about the criteria/process for gaining recognition for an extra-curricular activity:

  • Speak to your activity organiser at the earliest opportunity, so that s/he can help to resolve your difficulty.
  • Read the 6.1 Appeals Procedure in the Downloads box on the right, for more guidance on how to resolve verification difficulties.

To report an issue with your HEAR because information in your HEAR is incorrect, e.g. the date next to an extra-curricular activity, or the name of a course:

  • Click on the link on the right and fill in the short form