What does it look like?

Your official HEAR will be issued to you electronically, via a our secure online ShARe system.

The two exemplars on the right illustrate what a complete HEAR might look like.

Both conform to the national HEAR template, which is based on the structure of the Diploma Supplement. The Diploma Supplement is used all across Europe, and helps institutions understand the different types of higher education systems and qualifications that exist. The HEAR is recognised as an official UK version.

Overview of information contained in the HEAR (section numbers mirror the Diploma Supplement)

Section 1:
Information identifying the holder of the qualification

Basic student details, e.g. name and student ID

Section 2:
Information identifying the qualification

Qualification title and subject, awarding institution(s)

Section 3:
Information on the level of the qualification

Level of study, duration, entry requirements
Section 4:
Information on the contents and results gained

Programme description/requirements, academic transcript*
Section 5:
Information on the function of the qualification

Access to further study, professional status
Section 6:
Additional information
Verifiable extra-curricular activities, awards and prizes. Find out what can be recorded in this section on the Verifiable Activities Search page.

Section 7:
Certification of the HEAR

Date of issue, signature of Registrar, University 'stamp'
Section 8:
Information on the national higher education system

Description of higher education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, diagram of higher education levels

* Some additional information is likely to be included here, e.g. titles of projects/dissertations and details about placements/study outside the University.