Biometric Residence Permits

Students coming to the UK for more than six months will need to collect a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) upon arrival in the UK.

BRP Collection during the Covid-19 situation

If you are due to collect a BRP card or are applying for a Student Visa, and will be receiving a BRP card during this period of time, please read the information below. The advice will differ depending on where you have applied for your visa.

Is the University still operating as a BRP collection location?

The University will be in a position to receive BRP cards for the 2020-21 academic year. If you are applying for a Student Visa from overseas you can still use the University’s address or ACL code (2HE237) in the BRP Collection section when completing your online visa application.

Once your BRP card has arrived at the University and you have completed online registration (where required) the Registration Team will contact you and provide an appointment date and time to collect your BRP card*. An appointment system is necessary in order to ensure social distancing is in place and that BRP and Ucard collection can occur as safely as possible. These appointments may not be finalised until closer to the start of the academic year.

Remember that you must bring your original passport to your BRP collection appointment.

*Due to national lockdown measures, the University has suspended BRP collection events. If you are instructed by your visa decision letter to collect your BRP from the University, the Student Aministration Service will keep your BRP safe until a collection event can take place at a later date. They hope to reinstate this service soon and will contact you as soon as they can to advise you of collection arrangements.

Do I still need to collect my BRP card within 10 days of arriving in the UK?

UKVI have confirmed you will not be penalised if you do not collect your BRP within the usual 10-day deadline. The University is able to keep your BRP card for longer than usual, provided you remain sponsored under the Student Visa or Tier 4 system and are intending to travel to the UK. You should wait to receive an email from the University confirming your BRP Collection appointment following online registration.

What if I do not wish to collect my BRP card from the University?

As in previous years you do not need to use the University as a BRP collection point. You can instead collect your BRP card from a local Post Office. If you wish to do this you must include your own UK address in the BRP Collection section of the Tier 4 visa application form.

The University does not have control over BRP processes at the Post Office. It is therefore advised that you try and use the University as a collection point where possible.

I have applied for my visa from overseas and need to change the BRP collection location

UKVI have advised the University that once your visa application is submitted, it is not possible to change from Post Office collection to University collection and vice versa.

If you wish to collect your BRP from a different Post Office to the one listed on your decision letter, there are instructions on how to do this on page 7 of UKVI's BRP Guidance.

I am applying for my Student Visa in the UK, what should I do?

If you are applying from the UK your BRP will be posted to the address you include in your visa application form and will not need to be collected from a post office or the University. You should ensure that you include your UK address in your visa application form correctly and expect to be living at this address by the time your visa application is decided.

If you need to change the address your BRP card will be sent to please follow the advice below:

• If you have received your visa decision then you should get an email from the courier TNT to confirm that your BRP card is to be delivered. You must contact TNT directly and re-arrange delivery by calling them on 0345 608 0630 with your reference number. Please see their webpage.
• If your visa application is still pending and you have not received a decision yet then you should contact International Student Support. We can then request that UKVI change your correspondence address on their system. You should also update your address details using UKVI's online change of address form.

If you are concerned about receiving your BRP card at your UK address then you may be able to use International Student Support as your correspondence address. Please email International Student Support before you do this to check if collecting your card from us is possible.

Please note that the courier TNT will attempt to re-deliver your BRP card 3 times within 30 days and then return it to the Home Office. If your BRP card does return to the Home Office you can then contact them using this form to organise re-delivery of the BRP.

My BRP card has already been delivered to the University, can I still collect this?

During the recent Lockdown in the United Kingdom, the University suspended BRP collection events.If your BRP was received by the university, it has been kept safe and we are now able to begin scheduling collection appointments.

The Student Registration and Records Team has contacted all students who have confirmed to the University that they are in the UK, and for whom they are holding BRPs. 

These students have been invited to complete an online form to arrange a suitable time to collect the BRP.

I cannot come to collect my BRP card from the University as I have returned home. What should I do?

The University is not permitted to post your BRP card to you overseas, nor can it issue the card to a third party. If you do not intend to return to the UK within a reasonable timeframe or are no longer sponsored under the Student Visa or Tier 4 system then we may return your BRP card to UKVI.

If you are still sponsored then you would still be able to contact UKVI and request your BRP upon your return to the UK using the webforms below:

I am unable to travel or return to the UK within the period on my visa vignette? If you have applied for a Student Visa from overseas you may not be able to travel to the UK within the period on the visa vignette in your passport.

If your travel vignette has expired, or is about to expire, you can apply for a replacement vignette with new validity dates. Please see UKVI's online Covid-19 guidance for instructions on how to request this.

My BRP is held by the University, and the bank will not allow me to open a bank account without it, what should I do? Please send an email to the Student Administration Service and attach the bank letter from SSiD that you used to attempt to open your bank account. They will then respond to you to let you know if you will be able to collect your BRP on an exceptional basis


What is a BRP?

You will automatically receive a BRP where you have:

  • applied to settle in the UK
  • extended your visa in the UK
  • transferred your visa to a new passport
  • applied to come to the UK for longer than six months

Your BRP will include your:

  • fingerprints and photograph
  • name, date and place of birth
  • National Insurance (NI) number (if applicable)
  • immigration status and conditions of your stay (including your recourse to public funds)


Collecting your BRP

Where you are granted a visa for entry clearance, you will receive a short term entry stamp in your passport (valid for up to 30 days before your course start date) and a letter confirming where to collect your BRP.

You must collect your BRP before the vignette sticker in your travel document expires or within 10 days of arriving in the UK.

  • Where you applied inside the UK, your BRP will be sent to you by courier.
  • Where you applied outside the UK, you can collect your BRP upon arrival from the University or the Post Office.
  • Where you wish to collect your BRP from the University, enter our ACL code: 2HE237 before the ‘Pay’ section on your visa application.

Where your BRP has been lost or stolen, please visit the page below:


Checking Your BRP

When you receive your BRP , it is very important that you check all of the information on it is correct.

Please see here for a guide to the correct length of visa you should be granted.

If there are any mistakes on your BRP, it is very important that you follow the instructions on the letter that your BRP is attached to within 10 days. More infromation can be found on UKVI's website.

If you applied under the Tier 4 pilot scheme (i.e your course is a Masters course of less 13 months and your applied for your visa before 5 October 2020) and there is a mistake in the length of your visa, please contact International Student Support.


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