Applying for a Visa Using the Tier 4 Pilot Scheme

The Tier 4 Pilot scheme provides one-year Master’s students and their dependants the opportunity to benefit from a streamlined visa application process and six months extra time on their visa.


  • You are eligible for the Tier 4 Pilot Scheme if you are applying to study a Masters course of 13 months or less at the University of Sheffield, from outside or inside the UK.
  • Your eligibility for the Tier 4 Pilot scheme will also be confirmed on your CAS.


Participating in the pilot allows you to:

  • stay an extra six months after the end of your course
  • submit fewer supporting documents with your application (e.g. certificates or documents showing your previous qualifications, results and maintenance requirements)

Where your dependants are applying at the same time as you, they are also not required to submit supporting documents.

Where they are applying separately, they are required to submit supporting documents.

How to Apply

Where you meet the above requirements your application will automatically be considered under the pilot.
You are still required to submit an Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate and/or a tuberculosis screening certificate with your application (if applicable).

We recommend including a supporting letter with your visa application confirming your eligibility for the pilot, an example can be found in the ‘see also’ section of this page.

See Also

Tier 4 Pilot Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 121kb)

Example Supporting Letter for Tier 4 Pilot (PDF, 130kb)