Incoming Exchange Students

This page provides information and advice for incoming Study Abroad and Erasmus Students.

Incoming Exchange Students

Erasmus+ Paperwork

Where you are an Erasmus student and your Erasmus+ form (certificate of arrival/departure) requires a signature at the beginning and end of your stay in Sheffield, please visit the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) where a member of staff will sign it for you.

Visit SSiD

Where you require a signature on your learning agreement or you have any other queries about the modules you are studying, please contact your Departmental Tutor.

Where you have any other paperwork requiring a University signature, please bring the relevant documents to SSiD. You must provide an English translation of all documents that need signing.

Attendance Monitoring for Study Abroad Students

Where you are a Study Abroad student, you must visit the SSiD front desk for Attendance Monitoring on (or as close to as possible) the 1st and 15th every month.

Council Tax

Where you are attending the University of Sheffield for one semester, you will be exempt from paying Council Tax if you can prove that you are in full time education for a minimum of 1 year.

You must provide the Council with a document confirming your student status at your home University and collect a Certificate of Student Status from SSiD proving your attendance at the University of Sheffield.

An example of what the council will need from your home University can be found below.

For more information on Council Tax and exemption, please visit the page below.


During your time at Sheffield, you can be seen by a doctor at the University Health Service free of charge.

You may be required to provide additional documentation in order to access healthcare services provided by the National Health Service (NHS).

Please visit the page below for more information about your entitlement to healthcare in the UK.

University Support

The University offers a range of dedicated support services to assist you during your time in Sheffield, such as:

You can also contact your relevant departmental tutor for any specific queries relating to your course.

Making Friends & Global Campus

The Global Campus Programme offers information about settling into life in the UK and activities and events for international students.

Please visit the page below for further information on applying for a study abroad/exchange programme and useful tips and advice for before you travel.

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