Erasmus Tutors

Department Erasmus Tutor Erasmus Tutor Email
Animal & Plant Science (APS) Dr Christian Voigt
Archaeology & Prehistory (AAP) Prof Maureen Carroll
Architecture (ARC) Dr Claudia Rojas Bernal
Automatic Control & Systems Engineering (ACS) Prof Michail A Balikhin
Chemical and Biological Engineering (CPE) Dr Yajue Wu
Chemistry (CHM) Dr Ahmed Iraqi
Civil & Structural Engineering (CIV) Dr Maurizio Guadagnini
Computer Science (COM) Dr Marie-Cruz Villa- Uriol
Economics (ECN) Dr Vassilis Sarantides
Electronic & Electrical Engineering (EEE) Dr Milijana Odavic
English Language Teaching Centre (ELT) Ms Maria Puro
English Literature, Language & Linguistics Dr Christine Wallis
French (FRE) Outgoing Dr Maxime Goergen
French (FRE) Incoming Dr Christine Baycroft
French (FRE) Luxembourg Kristine Horner
Geography (GEO) Clea Carroll
Germanic Studies (GER) Outgoing Dr Giles Harrington
Germanic Studies (GER) Incoming Prof Henk de Berg
Germanic Studies (GER) Dutch Exchanges Dr Henriette Louwerse
Germanic Studies (GER) Luxembourg Dr Kristine Horner
Hispanic Studies (HIS) Incoming Christine Wilkinson
Hispanic Studies (HIS) Outgoing Dr Paul O’Neil
History (HST)

Dr Andrew Tompkins

Dr Daniel Lee

Human Communication Sciences (HCS) Dr Meesha Warmington
Journalism (JNL) Dr Jared Ahmad
Landscape (LSC) Prof Eckart Lange
Law Mr Alvaro Fernandez
de la Mora
Management School (MGT) Chantal Cantarelli
Materials Science and Engineering (MAT) Dr Frederik Claeyssens
Mathematics & Statistics Dr Tobias Berger
Mechanical Engineering (MEC) Dr Inna Gitman i.
Nursing & Midwifery Mr Mick Ashman
Philosophy (PHI) Dr Dominic Gregory
Physics (PHY) Dr Susan Cartwright
Politics (POL) Dr Nasos Roussias
Russian & Slavonic Studies Professor Craig Brandist
Russian & Slavonic Studies (Czech) Luděk Knittl
Russian & Slavonic Studies  Russiand and Polish) Christine Wilkinson
ScHARR (School of Health and Related Research) Prof Michelle
Sociological Studies (SCS) Dr Julie Walsh
Urban Studies & Planning Dr Berna Keskin

* Any departments not listed are not relevant to Study Abroad Programme.