After Your Studies

This page offers some advice and information for international students who have or are about to complete their studies at Sheffield.


You will be able to stay in the UK on your Tier 4 visa in order to attend your graduation ceremony if:

  • Your visa is still valid; and
  • Your visa will still be valid after the date of the graduation ceremony

Please note that if your visa is a Short-Term Student visa, and not Tier 4, you will be required to leave the UK within 30 days of your course end date or before your visa expires (whichever date is earlier). If the graduation ceremony does not take place before this date, you would be advised to return to the UK as a visitor to attend graduation. 

If you have had any change of status during your course that could affect the validity of your visa, you should refer to any immigration advice that has been sent to you by International Student Support.

If you decide to leave the UK after you finish your course, but wish to re-enter the UK on your Tier 4 visa to attend your graduation ceremony, this should still be possible if your visa is still valid and covers the date of the ceremony.

You should request a certificate of student status (graduation attendance) from SSiD and carry this in your hand luggage when you travel back to the UK.

If the above does not apply to you, and you need a to apply for a visitor visa to return for graduation, you should use the certificate of student status (graduation attendance) as a supporting document when applying for the visa.

If you are inviting family to graduation that require a visitor visa, the Student Advice Centre have useful information on their website. This includes a sample letter you could use if you are inviting family:


When you graduate you automatically become part of the Sheffield alumni. For information on alumni benefits and events please visit the page below:

To receive the latest alumni information, benefits and opportunities please provide us with your contact details.

Update Your Details

Working in the UK

Where you wish to remain in the UK to work beyond your visa expiry date, you must switch to another immigration category. Please visit the page below for more information.

Where you are a PhD student finishing soon and wish to remain in the UK for work, visit the page below.

The University Careers Service will continue to support you up to three years after you graduate.

Reverse Culture Shock

You may experience difficulties re-adapting to your home country after living in Sheffield, this is known as ‘reverse culture shock’.

Where you would like to talk to someone about issues related to reverse culture shock, please contact Tim Cooper from International Student Support:

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