You may be reading this page several months before your course is due to start in Sheffield. Although it may seem a long time before you're due to arrive, there is some advance preparation you can be getting on with which will make the move the UK happen more smoothly.

Studying in a new country is an exciting challenge; in this section we give some advice about maximising your
chances of settling in well and being a successful student.

Academic preparation

The way you are taught and assessed in the UK may be quite different from what you are used to. In addition to lectures, our teaching staff will probably expect you to discuss ideas in seminars, tutorials and group work. They will also expect you to spend a lot of time doing independent study. The following resources will help you to prepare.

Prepare for Success

Prepare for Success is an interactive online tool for international students who are getting ready to come to the UK for further or higher education. It contains learning resources which are activity-based to help you find out about different aspects of academic life in the UK and the skills needed for effective study.

As well as preparing you for what to expect during your studies, the activities can also help you to improve your English language.

The Academic Skills Hub (TASH)

The Academic Skills Hub (TASH) webpages are full of practical advice and guidance about studying at the
University of Sheffield. Put aside some time over the next couple of months to read through the information on their pages as they will provide you with invaluable information about what to expect on arrival in the UK.

Language preparation

If you have an offer conditional on English language, a preparatory course at our English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) is well worth considering.

Even if your English score meets our conditions, the ELTC Summer School can help you further improve your language skills. It also gives you an opportunity to get used to working in an English-speaking environment before studies begin.

Our staff are experienced in teaching international students and can help you improve your English both before and during your studies. There are different courses you can take to improve your English before you join your University department.

For more information including course types and dates, visit the ELTC website.

Other resources to help you prepare

Here are some other good resources for you to familiarise yourself with the range of accents and dialects and more colloquial English:
BBC World Service in English – Radio, TV programmes and podcasts
BBC World Service – Learning English

You can also access many UK newspapers and magazines online or from the British Council and libraries.