Money and Fees

This page offers financial information for new students wishing to open a UK bank account and pay their tuition fees.

Opening a bank account

You can open a bank account if you are studying in the UK for a year or more.

If you are studying in the UK for less than a year, please contact your chosen bank. Individual banks have different policies on this.

To open a bank account you must provide your chosen bank with your passport or national ID card and a bank letter outlining:

  • your home address
  • your term-time address
  • evidence you are a registered student
  • your name exactly as it appears on your passport

You can request a bank letter from SSiD in person or via the link below:

Request a Bank Letter

Once you have opened a bank account, we strongly recommend you chose to receive paper statements as you will need to provide this as evidence should you wish to extend your visa.

You will not be rejected from opening a bank account in the UK as a result of your nationality. You may only be rejected on grounds of residency.

The video below also explains how to open a UK bank account as an international student. 

For general information on opening a UK bank account, please visit the page below.

Paying your tuition fees

For information about how to pay your tuition fees, please visit the page below:


For money saving tips, advice and a money timeline and planner, please visit the page below.

Where you wish to seek financial advice, please visit the Student Advice Centre.