Police Registration

Do I need to register with the police?

If you are a new arrival to the UK and are required to register with the Police, then this will be stated in your visa decision letter. You should read this letter very carefully. You should also check your visa vignette or BRP card to see if they include the condition to register with the police.

You can find further information on the Immigration rules page of the UK Visas and Immigration website – click here for the list of countries whose nationals need to register with the Police.

If you have a condition to register with the police but your nationality is not listed in Appendix 2 of the immigration rules, this is an error by the Home Office. Contact us to have this error corrected. If you decide not to request to have the error corrected, you should try to register with the police. If they don't allow you to register, please ask the police for written evidence that you have tried to register.

If your nationality is listed on the Appendix 2 of the immigration rules and you have come to the UK to study for more than 6 months but have not been issued with the condition to register, then this is probably an error. In this case you do not have to take any action. You do not need to register with the police nor do you have to request a correction. However, if the University becomes aware of this error we have to report it to the Home Office and they might then ask you to submit your passport for correction.

How do I register?

You normally need to register within seven days of your arrival in the UK. Please read the information on the webpage of the Sheffield Overseas Visitor Registration Office, where you will find the relevant links to register online (if you are new to the UK), or to transfer (if you have already registered in a different police force area).

Documents you need to collect your police registration form:

  • Original passport
  • BRP card
  • The registration fee of £34 (payable by cash or credit/debit card)
  • University CAS or Offer letter - please see below:
  • Undergraduate students - you are not issued with a formal offer letter from the University of Sheffield as your letters are sent through UCAS. You can print out your CAS statement by logging into your CAS portal page and printing the statement from there.
  • Postgraduate students - your offer letter is sent to you by email and is available for you to print out from there. Alternatively, you can print out your CAS statement by logging into your CAS portal page and printing the statement from there. A photocopy of your passport/visa and University CAS or Offer letter
  • Accommodation contract

Changes you have to report to the police

Throughout your time in the UK, you must report to the police within seven days of the following changes:

◾change of address
◾change of course, school, college or university
◾change of name, marital status or birth of children
◾extension of stay granted by UK Visas and Immigration
◾change of passport
◾temporary absence of eight weeks or more from your registered address

You will need to download and complete the change in circumstances form from the South Yorkshire police website (or transfer form if you are transferring to South Yorkshire police from another area). You will need to complete the form before taking it to the police. You must also take the following original documents:

  • Passport
  • BRP
  • University CAS
  • Accommodation contract

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your BRP card is issued incorrectly (e.g. incorrect length of leave), you should create your account with the police within 7 days of arriving in the UK and enter the incorrect details. However, wait until you have received the corrected BRP card before booking the appointment to collect your police registration certificate to avoid having to attend twice. The police have confirmed that this is what they would like you to do.