Tier 4 Responsibilities

Tier 4 immigration permission has some immigration conditions, which are normally printed (in an abbreviated form) on your vignette or BRP, however they can also appear in the letter that accompanies your leave. There are also requirements and obligations related to the Immigration Rules, and related to your studies and your Tier 4 sponsor. This section explains all of these, plus some general good practice on protecting your Tier 4 status.
Tier 4 of the Point-Based Immigration System places responsibilities on students and their Universities (academic sponsor). The University has developed policies and procedures to ensure that we comply with these responsibilities and to help you protect your immigration status.

These responsibilities apply to all Tier 4 students and universities across the UK - it is not just the University of Sheffield.

To avoid potential difficulties, please familiarise yourself with what is required of you and what the University has a legal duty to do.

Tier 4 conditions - Student's responsibilities: Study and Attendance, Police registration (if applicable), ATAS (if applicable), no recourse to public funds, work conditions

Tier 4 Sponsor duties - University's responsibilities

Protecting your Tier 4 status