Examples of supporting financial documents for your visa application

When you apply for your visa, you need to submit supporting financial documents which meet the formal requirements of UKVI. We have therefore provided some examples to demonstrate the different acceptable documents and what features they have to have in order to be acceptable for your visa application.

Personal bank or building society statement. This is a paper statement which the bank regularly sends to your home address. It is issued on the bank's letter headed paper.

Ad hoc bank or building society statement. This is a statement printed in branch upon request.

Online bank or building society statement. This is a statement you print yourself from an online bank account.


Letter of a bank / building society confirming the minimum available funds for a period of 28 days.

Letter confirming a loan

Certificate of deposit - Please note that the certificate of deposit no longer needs to not have any wording to confirm that the funds are frozen or inaccessible. This has now been removed from UKVI's Tier 4 Policy Guidance and Modernised Guidance

Certificate of deposit - with explanations in Mandarin.

Sponsor letter - For students with dependants - any family members must be named on the letter for the money received from the sponsor to be counted towards the family member's maintenance.

sample letter of parents/legal guardians if you are using financial evidence in their name.