Applying for Tier 4 visa inside the UK

Getting Your Visa – Step By Step

You can follow the following steps to apply for your Tier 4 visa. Please note that the action you need to take may be different depending on whether or not you are a new student or a continuing student.

1st Step –

New Students – When you are made an unconditional offer, please follow all the instructions given to you by our Admissions Service.

Continuing Students (who commenced their course more than 6 months ago) – Request your CAS from International Student Support. Please follow any further instructions you get until your CAS has been issued. Continuing students submitting a Tier 4 application from inside the UK will be asked to submit copies of their financial documents before the CAS can be issued.

2nd Step -

When your CAS is issued, please check it carefully to ensure that all of your details and your course details are correct. Please ensure that it shows any fee payments or accommodation payments you have made to the University (this will not apply for students who are in private accommodation), and has a note to confirm details any scholarships you receive.

If there are any problems, please contact the relevant CAS issuing team for new students or continuing students.

3rd Step –

Check whether you can apply for your visa inside the UK.

Do you meet the requirements?, including academic progression?

You may choose to book an appointment on the University’s Visa Extension Scheme if you wish to do so (subject to availability of appointments).

4th Step -

Prepare your financial documents and other supporting documents .
Please see here and here for more information on how to meet the financial requirements. If you have dependants applying with you, they will need to meet the financial requirements as well. There are some examples of supporting documents that meet the criteria here.

You must ensure that you have already held the required minimum balance for 28 days by the time you submit your Tier 4 visa application. The date of submission is the date that you pay the application fee, which is part of your Tier 4 application form online. Please see the infographic below for more help with this:

Visa App Process

5th Step –

Create an account and complete the Tier 4 visa application form online.

NB - If you book an appointment on the Visa Extension Scheme, you will receive information advising you of where to stop and save the work you have done on your application form, so an adviser can check the form and make amendments (if necessary)

6th Step –

Pay the application fee online. You will also be asked to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge. Both of these payments are made online as part of completing the visa application form.

NB – If you book an appointment on the Visa Extension Scheme, you will be asked to wait until your appointment before submitting your application payments.

7th Step –

What you need to do next will depend on which type of service you use for your visa application. Please see here for more information on the different types of services you can use.

NB – If you book an appointment on the Visa Extension Scheme, the International Student Support Team send your documents to the Home Office on your behalf if you use either the standard service of the priority service.

8th Step –

You will be invited to enrol your biometrics.

If you applied for your visa on or after 14th September 2017 your Biometric Enrolment Letter will be generated automatically. You must print this letter out and take it with you when you supply your biometrics and photo – you cannot show your letter on your phone or tablet. It is very important that the letter is printed clearly, otherwise it will not be accepted.

If you notice any errors on your Biometric Enrolment Letter you must email Your email must include your full name, date of birth, nationality, UK correspondence address and unique application number.

If you need to print or re-print your Biometric Enrolment Letter, open your online visa application and click on the ‘Resume Application’ option. This will take you to the ‘Download and Print’ screen from where you can re-print your Biometric Enrolment Letter.

9th Step -

Get the result of your application.
If your visa application has been granted, please check the length and conditions of your visa are correct.

Please see here if there are any problems with your visa decision or mistakes on your new BRP.

Any Questions?

All immigration questions should be sent to the International Student Support Team using any of the following methods:


By Telephone: +44 (0)114 222 9679
By Fax: +44 (0)114 222 1304