Culture Compass Relaunch!

Wednesday 26th


View Room 4 (Students' Union Level 4)

Confused by the challenges of a new culture? And how would you explain your own?
It can be a challenge to find your way in a different culture - or even your own

Adapting to a new culture can be demanding, with everything from taps in the bathroom (why do the British have two separate taps?) to how you catch a bus seeming a bit strange. And that's even before you get to the hidden rules of conversation, popular culture and slang.

Culture Compass is the place to come to talk about culture whether you're from Birmingham or Bangalore, Nottingham or Nanjing, or anywhere in between! For international students it's a chance to make the transition to life in Sheffield and the UK a smoother one. For UK students it's an exciting opportunity to explore some of the hidden rules of your own culture and possibly prepare for future travels - and to help some new arrivals along the way.

Each session will focus on a particular topic, starting with a brief explanation of how (and why!) things are done in the UK, followed by a discussion about how this compares to other countries. Check back here for updates on upcoming weeks' topics - students are welcome to help choose future topics and contribute to the content if they want.

Culture Compass is now back for the Spring semester! Whether you attended last semester, or have never been before and just want to see what it's like, join us on Wednesday for another great culture discussion. See you there!