GREAT Ambassadors (China) Scheme and International Student Internship Scheme

Wednesday 2nd December
1pm - 3pm
Arts Tower LT06

Having teamed up with the International Student Internship Scheme, the GREAT Ambassadors (China) Scheme is able to provide Chinese graduates with admin and financial support in T5 visa application.

In April 2014, UK Visa and Immigration approved the introduction of the International Student Internship Scheme as part of the Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) route of the Points Based System.

For successful applicants, the ISIS scheme will allow Chinese graduates to take part in internships for a maximum of 12 months after their studies. The internship scheme will offer sponsorship for the Tier 5 visa for work placements with businesses in the UK who are looking to expand their presence in China.

This session will introduce the GACS and its partnership with the International Student Internship Scheme, and explain how it could help our Chinese graduates to secure maximum 12-month placement opportunities after graduation.

国际学生实习计划是由英国商务、创新和技能部,投资贸易总署授权,签证移民专署联合批准设立的针对中国学生在英实习的签证计划,为英国企业在无需具备雇佣非欧盟人员工作担保牌照的情况下雇佣中国留学生实习提供了有效的签证途径:留学生毕业后找到实习工作,满足最低工资标准,通过向本计划申请签证担保函(CoS),即可从Tier 4学生签证转成为期一年的Tier 5 GAE国际学生实习签证。