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  • International Ambassador Scheme 2013-14

    Help the University recruit and support students from your home country with the International Ambassadors Scheme 2013-14

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  • Finding part-time work in Sheffield

    Come along to find out how to find part-time work in Sheffield. Hear about where to look for jobs, national insurance numbers and your right to work.

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  • The power of fortuity

    My name is Greta and I am a student from Lithuania. I want to share my story. No, not just my opinion on the city or evaluation of the university, but my story. Because what happened when I came to Sheffield changed my life completely, and what I thought would be a fun study-abroad experience turned out to be the best time in my life.

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  • Security Advice

    Sheffield is a great place to live and has a very low crime rate for a major city, but as with all big cities around the world, it does have some crime. By taking some simple precautions as part of your daily routine, you can actively reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

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  • Road safety

    Unfortunately, every year some international students are involved in traffic accidents - particularly when they are new to the city and unfamiliar with the roads. Please read this information on road safety to help keep yourself safe.

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  • Careers opportunity for Arabic speakers

    Vacancies for Arabic speakers at McKinsey and Company

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  • ATAS scam

    We have been made aware of a potential scam linked to ATAS, click the title above for more information

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  • English Language Classes

    Did you know that the English Language Teaching Centre provides free English language classes for the partners of registered undergraduate and postgraduate international students?

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  • Doctorate Extension Scheme

    In April 2013, the Home Office introduced the Doctorate Extension Scheme for students who are completing PhD courses to apply for a visa which will allow them to work in the UK for a period of 12 months after the award date of their course.

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  • How to 'market' your University of Sheffield experience to employers

    Whether you are looking for work in the UK, your home country, or other countries worldwide, it is important to explain to employers what you have gained from your time at the University of Sheffield. In particular, if you are returning home to work, don't assume that an employer will understand and value the advantages that overseas study can bring. It is your job to explain it to them and give details of the added value this experience enables you to offer to their company/organisation.

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  • The University of Sheffield - Reputation and Rankings

    Employers often want to recruit from what they see as the 'top Universities' and they usually know which those are in their own country. However if you are an international student returning to your home country or wanting to work internationally outside the UK, then employers there may not know about the reputation and ranking of the University of Sheffield.

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  • NUS - Your experience

    The National Union of Students are working with the British Council/Education UK to get international students to write about what it is like living and studying in the UK, to show students worldwide what the UK has to offer, and give advice on how to help settle in.

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  • Payphone

    Telephone scam

    We have been made aware that there is a telephone scam targeting students. The caller informs the student that there is a problem with their original visa application and requests payment to solve the issue.

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  • Eid Celebration

    On 10 August the Sheffield Heritage Foundation will host a jam packed family fun day for the festival of Eid.

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  • Simple Steps to Staying Safe

    Around this time last year there was an increase in the number of robberies reported to South Yorkshire Police.

    Many of the victims were students and a large proportion of them were International students. There are a number of simple things that you can do to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime.

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