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  • Fraud and scams

    We have become aware of international students becoming targets for financial fraud. This is extremely rare in the UK but there are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself.

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  • Students drinking at a bar

    British drinking culture

    To international students, perhaps one of the most common “national impressions” about the British is the drinking culture. - Fiona, China

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  • British humour

    The British have a unique sense of humour. It is immersed within their everyday life and sometimes appears to be odd and baffling to students coming from different cultures where humour is more likely to occur within certain sets of context (or appropriate “time and places”). “The problem with the English”, as one American visitor complained, “is that you never know whether they are being serious or not.”Humour seems to be the “default mode” (as Kate Fox states in her book Watching the English) of the British. - Fiona, China

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  • Look after your passport!

    Last summer, my friends and I began a tour to four countries of Europe. The plan was France, Spain, Italy and Greece. Who would have thought that this journey of joy, actually became a troubled trip like a nightmare for me. - Wenjing, China

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  • UK money

    Banking information for international students

    We have received a couple of updates from banks in Sheffield to help international students who want to open a bank account or extend their visas

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  • Asia and Middle East Graduate Careers Event 2013

    Asia and Middle East careers event

    Target Jobs are running this Careers Fair which is for Asian and Middle Eastern students studying in the UK seeking a career in their country of origin, or highly ambitious students interested in an international career.

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  • logo

    Zhaopin - recruitment for Chinese students and Mandarin speakers

    Information about Zhaopin – a leading Chinese online recruitment site, and its website and Weibo account which has “job tips, industry stats, job opportunities/events information to help graduates returning from overseas study find a job.

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  • Students celebrating in Bar One beer garden


    We would like to say a big 'congratulations' to everyone who has finished exams in the last few weeks - we hope they went well and you are enjoying yourselves now they're over.

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  • Summer vacation rock climbing

    Summer vacation events

    If you're staying in Sheffield for part or all of the summer vacation, don't forget that there are a wide range of events we'll be running to keep you entertained.

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  • International students vs staff cricket match

    International students vs staff cricket match

    This Sunday 11 June a team of University staff will play a cricket match against a team of international students and alumni at the Norton playing fields. All students and staff are welcome to come and watch, and join us in celebrating the diversity of the University's community at what promises to be a fun-packed afternoon.

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  • Firth Court

    World Over Concert

    Held by the Sheffield charity ASSIST, the 7th annual World Over Concert is almost here - come and celebrate the wonderful and diverse communities that make up Sheffield with an evening of singing, dancing, music, poetry and even a refugee fashion parade!

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  • Sheffield at night

    Moving back home? Support workshops

    Are you leaving Sheffield soon? Are you going to be moving back to your home country? Then you should think about signing up for our 'Reverse Culture Shock' Workshops.

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  • Students in an exam

    Exams - good luck and advice

    From all of us here at International Student Support, we'd like to wish you good luck for your exams.

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  • PhD graduation

    Doctorate Extension Scheme

    Since April 2013, there has been a new work route for students who are completing PhD studies in the UK.
    If you are a student completing a PhD, you can apply to stay in the UK for a further 12 months after your course completion date.

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  • Sheffield Global Campus

    Sheffield Global Campus

    The University of Sheffield is a truly international university with students from over 125 countries represented on campus. Every student is a member of this multicultural community - so make the most of the educational and social opportunities this diversity creates!

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