Student Support

Central Welfare and Guidance

Offering coordinated support for any student experiencing difficulties which are significantly impacting their student experience and ability to study. You can contact and speak to a member of the team in confidence by phone or by email.

0114 2224321

Financial Support

If you are concerned about money, you can contact the Financial Support Team for guidance.

0114 2221319

Fees Payments

If you are worried about how you will pay your course fees, you should speak to the Student Fees Team.

Student Advice Centre

The Student Advice Centre is part of the Student Union and is available to offer a range of support and advice. The Student Advice Centre is independent of the University and can help you discuss your situation and look at the options available for many issues, including:

  • Housing
    If you are facing problems paying your rent the housing advisers will be able to help you with a loan from the University and can also help you to explain your situation to your landlord.
  • Immigration
    If you want to discuss any of your options to remain in the UK after your studies including work visas, asylum and relationship visas. If you need to extend your student visa please contact SSiD.
  • Academic
    If you are finding it hard to concentrate on your studies because of the current situation it is important you share this with your department. If you want to discuss this in confidence with one of our academic advisers please contact us.

0114 2228660

Multifaith Chaplaincy

Our Chaplains and Religious Advisers offer care and support to people of all faiths and none. We work with communities with a strong sense of belonging, and we offer opportunities for worship, prayer and spiritual exploration.
Details about visiting the Chaplaincy (based in the Octagon Centre) in person, or contacting a specific Chaplaincy staff member, available here.

General enquiries: 0114 222 8923

University Counselling Service

Students are welcome to contact the University Counselling Service to talk confidentially about concerns and how you have been affected.

0114 222 4134