To celebrate World Week, Global Campus and One World are holding a “Tandem Culture" Video Competition.

Just get together with a friend or someone you know who is from a different country and make a short video to highlight aspects of each other's culture. This could include anything from sharing a meal together, discussing a difference/similarity you have found between your cultures, to talking about special things you have brought from home - or anything else you can think of! The project can either be a video or a collage of still photos with a voice-over / soundtrack.

The key is just to showcase the sharing of cultures that happens in international friendships.

You can use your own smartphone or tablet, or hire a camcorder from the IC - the videos do not need to be perfectly filmed or edited; don't be afraid to take part even if you have no previous filming experience!

Closing date for finished videos (no longer than 3 minutes long) is 5pm Monday 30 November. All projects will be uploaded on the Global Campus Facebook Page, and the video receiving the most likes will win. All students will receive a certificate as official recognition of taking part, and the winners will receive tickets to local independent cinemas.

For further details and advice contact Tim Cooper at