Next steps

As you come towards the end of your course, your thoughts will be turning to moving away from Sheffield, finding work or moving into further study.

These pages will help you with practical advice and information about how to prepare for the next stage in your life. Above everything, early preparation and awareness are key to making the transition to your new life as smooth as possible. And, as always, the University is here to support you.

Make sure you use our Career Service for tips on applying for jobs and preparing for interviews.

If you would like to stay in the UK, make sure you seek immigration advice early so that you can make plans and decisions based on realistic expectations.

If you are moving home, prepare for reverse culture shock and reintegration into your home culture. This may be more tricky that you would think.

Make sure you plan ahead on practical things like closing bank accounts, getting deposits back from landlords etc. If you have items that may still be useful for other students, please don't throw them away. You can use the ISC Marketplace facebook group to sell clothes, household items, furniture and books to other students who are able to make use of them. Alternatively, you could use the Bring It Don't Bin It Scheme which makes donations to charity.