Reverse Culture Shock

Did you know that a lot of students find returning to their home country more difficult than they found moving to the UK in the first place? It is very common to experience 'reverse culture shock' when we return home after living in a different country, as we often have experienced significant personal development during our time abroad. This can be hard to explain to friends and family when we return home, and can make readjusting to life at home challenging.

We highly recommend that you read through this information on the UKCISA website about reverse culture shock, and think about how you have changed since you have been in Sheffield, and what you might now find different or challenging about living in your home country. Just being prepared for what you might experience when you move back home can help a lot. And remember, if you do experience reverse culture shock, it is very normal and it does get better!

If you would like to talk to someone about issues related to reverse culture shock, please contact Tim Cooper (International Student Support Officer) on