Visa Outside The UK

Tutorial guide for current continuing University of Sheffield students completing the Tier 4 application form when submitting their application outside the UK.

Video duration: 23:45

  • IMPORTANT - BEFORE WATCHING THE VIDEO- Please note that the Home Office's rules and guidance have changed since this video was created. The application form has been amended slightly also. Please note some of the major changes as follows:

- FUNDS - the Home Office have increased the level of maintenance required more than once since this video was recorded. For example, following the 06/04/2016 rule changes this has been £1015 per month for each month of the course for a student and £680 per month for each month of the course for each dependant.

- ESTABLISHED PRESENCE - The question regarding established presence has been removed from the application form as the rules and guidance no longer have any provision for this. All applicants must show maintenance for each month of the course up to a maximum of 9 months. The flowchart fetaured in the video is now out of date and should be ignored.

- EXTRACTS FROM GUIDANCE - Some of the extracts from the guidance which are featured in the video will now have out of date paragraph references. It is important to ensure that you are familiar with the most up to date version of the Home Office's guidance before completing your application. This can be found here. The Home Office's rules and guidance change on a regular basis.

  • There are some issues with the sound quality of the recording of these videos. If you cannot hear the video properly, try using headphones to listen to the video.

June 2016.