Find your own way to support within the University of Sheffield

There is a lot of information and advice across the University website and via specialist organisations in Sheffield.

Below you will hopefully find one or two titles that sound like you. These links will take you to pages and information that will help.

I am finding it difficult to deal with a situation or significant event

e.g. an unexpected event, bereavement, sexual assault, failure, abusive relationship

I am feeling lonely

whatever stage of your course you are at and however close or far home is, you can feel lonely

I am struggling and need information or support

e.g. concerns about your mental health, someone to talk to, feelings and food, student carer

I have a mental health diagnosis from a doctor

e.g. depression, eating disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety etc.

I'm worrying about something practical

e.g. problems with money, housing, academic work

I am relying on alcohol or drugs to make me feel better

specialist support and information that is confidential

I am worried about another student

you are not alone and both of you can be supported

I have questions or concerns about my sexuality or gender

information, advice and peer support on e.g. coming out, feeling accepted, terminology

I am going on a year abroad

what do you need to think about?

None of the above?