Mentors having coffee


Mentors are volunteer undergraduate students who have undergone training to equip them for the role. They are normally matched with a small group of year 1 students (the mentees) from their own department, and, if possible, from the same course.

A mentor will be:

  • A friendly face for mentees
  • Keen to help mentees settle in to their new environment
  • Willing to answer questions or direct mentees to the most appropriate source of advice
  • Available to meet with mentees from time to time.

A mentor should:

  • Maintain contact with their mentees
  • Offer bespoke support depending on the needs of their mentees
  • Be aware of limits of confidentiality
  • Be aware of the support and advice available elsewhere.
  • Know that they are a “channel” and are able to direct the mentee to the most appropriate body for advice.
  • Seek advice from departmental contacts or the mentoring scheme co-ordinator where necessary.
  • Try to be punctual, keep appointments and keep promises, BUT should not promise what they can’t deliver.

Mentors should be aware of both the expectations and
Limitations of their role.

  • They are NOT expected to “do it all” but they ARE expected to know where and who to refer to.
  • Mentors are NOT counsellors, social workers, financial advisers or academic tutors.