Financial Health Check

This page provides you with a 7 step process to carry out a financial health check. 

Step One – Apply for support

It's a good idea to research and apply for all the support you are eligible for. The funding available to you will depend on your course, fee status and level of study. This support might include Student Loans and grants, NHS bursaries, research council funding, University funding and charities and trusts.

Our funding web page will help you figure out what you're eligible to apply for.

Step Two - Make a budget

Once you know how much money you will have coming in, you need to work out your expenses and then create a budget. Our Money Planner will help you with this.

Step Three – Maximise your income

If you're worried about money think about the ways you can increase your income. Do you have any time to do some part time work? Can you apply for extra funding or financial support? Are there any charities you can apply to?

The Student Job Shop can help you find work to fit around your studies or during vacation periods. 

You might also find it useful to look at the charities and trusts listed within the Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding database. If your a current student you can log in using your email address. If you're a prospective student you'll need to contact us for the guest log in pin number (email:

Step Four - Minimise your expenses

Think about ways you can cut back or find cheaper alternatives. The web pages below could help you with this. 

Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Expert

Step Five - Time to revisit your budget

Now take some time to look at your budget again taking into account the changes you have made to your income and expenses. Hopefully your budget will now be starting to look a little healthier.

Step Six – Speak to someone if you need help 

If you have tried all the above steps and are still worried about your financial situation it may be time for you to seek out some help. The University provides lots of support such as the Union Money Advisers. If your financial situation is starting to affect how you feel you might find it useful to access our support from our Counselling Service.

Step Seven – Enjoy your time at University

It's important that you control your finances whilst studying but remember why you are here. As a student you will have many new experiences both socially and academically. Whatever you want to achieve once you have a workable budget in place, make sure you stick to it and you can start to make the most of the opportunities on offer at University.

The Students' Union have hundreds of clubs and societies that you can get involved with during your time in Sheffield.