International Volunteering Scholarship

The University of Sheffield is committed to providing opportunities for students to experience an international dimension to their personal and academic development and prepare them for graduate employment; these scholarships will enable more students to reach this goal.

We are offering two scholarships to UK students who need additional funding to help them attend a volunteering activity abroad during the summer.  These awards have been funded with the support of Alumni donations.

The scholarships are available to all undergraduate students who are not currently in their final year and are in receipt of a University bursary.   If you are eligible to apply for the scholarship, you will receive an email directly from the university with further information.

Please contact if you have any queries regarding these opportunities.


Volunteering Abroad Opportunities

There are 2 scholarships of £1,000 each for undergraduate students who have independently sourced a volunteering opportunity. 


  • You must be studying in the Department of Medicine, Department of Physics and Astronomy or the Faculty of Engineering
  • 2 awards of £1,000 are available
  • Your volunteering must take place during the summer of 2020 in Africa, Asia or South America
  • We'll let you know by the end of January 2020 whether your application has been successful or not
  • On confirmation of your international volunteering opportunity, the scholarship will be paid directly to you
  • Students engaging with organised activities such as Global Challenge are not eligible for the scholarship
  • Students studying on a medical elective will only be considered for the scholarship if they are participating in an additional volunteering opportunity
  • The award is not open to students who are currently on a year abroad
  • You must be in receipt of a University bursary in the academic year 2019/20 in order to apply for this scholarship 
  • You will be expected to take full responsibility for all arrangements, including sourcing the opportunity, personal safety, travel arrangements and medical insurance.
  • Although the University is providing financial support, it will regard your activity as being INDEPENDENT and not an official, approved University activity
  • To help you understand some of the issues relating to students organising their own activities we suggest you look at the Students' Union guidelines on independent volunteering activities.

Selection Process

Each application will be considered by a panel of senior University staff and their decision will be final. Taking in to account your academic information, the panel will also be looking at your personal statement, in particular:

  • You have provided a clear rationale for applying for a Volunteering Abroad Opportunity
  • You have identified clearly how the scholarship will be beneficial to your student experience.
  • You have clearly articulated future ambitions and how receiving this award would be of benefit.