Before you arrive

On these pages you will find lots of information about things you can do before you arrive in Sheffield to help your student life get off to a flying start!


Got questions about living in Sheffield? Find the answers here/

Pre Registration

Before you arrive make sure you pre-register by following these easy steps.

Get a computer account

Make sure you can get your tech connected when you arrive by getting a computer account.

Social media

Meet your neighbours and find out more about what everyone's going to be doing intro week on social media.


Mentors are here to help your transition to University life a little bit easier.  Find out more about the scheme here.

Student health

Complete your online medical registration before you arrive at the University.

Student Money

Find out about fees, banks, bursaries and just how much cash you need to get you by until your loan comes through.


The UK has some strict immigration regulations.  But we've got all you need to know about immigrating right here.

iSheffield App

The University's app has loads of information that will help you during registration and right through your student life.  Download it now.

Travelling to Sheffield

Do you know where you're going?  Get those essential directions before setting out on the road to Sheffield.