Rules and regulations

An outline of our University regulations and where to find the key information.

Our University regulations cover all aspects of your education, including the way your course is governed, so it’s important that you familiarise yourself with the key information. You can view the full regulations in the University Calendar.

General university information

The General University Regulations cover general academic functions, including specific notes on admission, tuition fees and registration.

You can view them in the University Calendar.

Exam rules

The General Regulations Relating to Examinations set out the examination rules, such as illness, what you can / can’t take into your exam, and the use of unfair means.

You can view them in the University Calendar.

Our exams pages also explain everything you need to know before, during and after your exams.

Undergraduate degrees

The General Regulations for First Degrees set out the rules for undergraduate degrees, including how you progress to the next level of study and how we classify your degree. We also have a video that you can watch about how we calculate your degree classification.

You can view them in the University Calendar.

Postgraduate qualifications

The General Regulations for Higher Degrees, PG Diplomas and PG Certificates set out the rules for postgraduate qualifications, including how we award your final degree.

You can view them in the University Calendar.

If you have any questions about your course, please contact your department.