Student Prizes 

Information about the academic prizes available and the criteria we use to award them.

How you can win a prize

Leading up to the publication of undergraduate and postgraduate results, academic departments can award prizes in recognition and celebration of academic achievements.

Prizes are usually performance-based against set criteria, such as getting the top mark in a unit of study.

They often (but not always) come in the form of a monetary award, a book voucher, or a medal.

Faculty-approved prizes

Faculty-approved prizes go through a formal approval process and are agreed by your Faculty. This usually means the prize will be awarded for years to come.

Faculty-approved prizes will be:

  • announced at your graduation ceremony
  • added to your student recorded
  • recorded on your undergraduate HEAR

Ad-hoc departmental prizes

Departments can arrange other ad-hoc prizes without submitting them for Faculty approval.

These prizes will not be announced at your graduation ceremony and will not be added to your student record.

They will be recorded on your undergraduate HEAR.

Prizes available in your department

You can use our lookup tool below to find out what Faculty-approved prizes are available in your department and the criteria used to award them.

University of Sheffield Faculty-Approved Prizes Lookup

Prizes are discretionary and may not be awarded every year.