Detailed information on the Complaints and Appeals Procedures available to students can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link in the menu.  Before taking any of the actions listed (for example, if you are planning to submit an Academic Appeal), you are asked to read the guidance notes in the relevant section, so that you fully understand the procedure to be followed.

Please fill in all sections of the relevant form, keeping a copy of that and any other material you are planning to submit in support of your case (for example, correspondence or a list of dates when events occurred).

If you intend to consult the Student Advice Centre, please do so as soon as possible before taking any action. When meeting with one of their advisers please take with you copies of all documents relating to your case and any notes or draft statements you may have already prepared.

Please Note: separate procedures exist for Admissions complaints and appeals (i.e. for prospective students applying to study at the University) which can be accessed via the following links:

Appeals and Complaints Procedure for Applicants (UG)

Appeals and Complaints Procedure for Applicants (PG)