Progress Concerns for Taught Students (UG/PGT) including Faculty Student Review

Students are reminded of the "Our Commitment" partnership document, which sets out the expectations of both the University and of students, in order to help ensure the best learning experience.


Progress of Students is a University initiated procedure and falls within the University's General Regulations. An academic department may request a review of a student's academic progress on specified grounds. Separate procedures exist for reviewing concerns about a student's fitness to practise.

Grounds for Review

  1. failure to attend regularly, or as specified in the relevant Regulations, the programme of study for which the student has registered;
  2. failure to perform adequately the work of the programme;
  3. failure to present at the times appointed such written work as may have been required;
  4. failure to pass an examination;
  5. failure to pursue the programme of research or to co-operate appropriately with the appointed supervisor;
  6. failure to demonstrate a satisfactory level of professional competence in the programme of study or research.


Where a student's progress on a programme of study gives their academic department cause for concern, a Progress Concerns Report (PCR) can be submitted to the Student Engagement and Progress team, Student Administration Service. One of the following actions may then be taken, as deemed appropriate:

  • a student may be sent a Progress Concerns email by the Faculty
  • a student with whom the department have lost contact may be sent an email asking them to contact the University or be assumed to have withdrawn
  • a student may be invited a meeting with a Faculty Officer to discuss the progress concerns
  • a student may be referred to a Faculty Student Review Committee (FSRC) hearing

Progress concerns are a serious matter. It is important that students engage with this process and be aware that escalation of the process may ultimately result in a student being excluded from their Faculty.

Students will receive this communication by email only and departments will need to advise the student that it is important for them to check their University email account for further information from the Student Engagement and Progress Team.

Faculty Student Review Committee (FSRC)

The Faculty Student Review Committee hearing is primarily to determine whether or not a student should be permitted to continue their programme of study, and if so on what terms. All aspects of a student's record may be taken into consideration. Where successful conclusion of the programme of study leads to professional practice, that may also be taken into consideration.

Appeal Mechanism

The Regulations allow a student to appeal against a decision of the Faculty Student Review Committee on specified grounds to the Senate Appeals Panel.

Students wishing to appeal should complete and return the Progress Appeals form included in the decision letter sent out to them following the Faculty Student Review Committee hearing, as per the instructions in the letter.

See also: Progress of Students Appeals


UG and PGT Students: Student Engagement & Progress Team

Advice for Students

The Student Advice Centre can offer independent advice to students.


The General Regulations relating to Progress of Students for the relevant academic year can be accessed through the University Calendar.


Please note that different progress procedures exist for research students. If you require further information, please contact the Research Degree Support Team in Research Services.

Notes on the Procedure of Faculty Student Review Committees